Our Tasting Room

Although our Tasting Room is not open with set hours at this time, we will be happy to arrange a tasting for our customers! Call us at 409-423-0647 or use our Book An Event calendar!

We are currently searching for a Tasting Room Host/Hostess! 

Position Requirements:

  • Must have a smartphone with bluetooth capabilities to connect with our Swipe Card System.

  • Personable

  • Able to work without supervision.

  • Knowledge of wine and wine making a plus.

  • We are looking to hire two people to share the Work Schedule below. One person will work while the other has the weekend or day off.

  • This position could lead to traveling to various Retailers in various cities to conduct Public Tastings.

  • Absolutely NO alcohol consumption on the job!

  • Closed Circuit Security Cameras operate 24/7

Work Schedule:

  • Friday     3pm-7pm

  • Saturday 3pm-7pm

  • Sunday   3pm-7pm

  • $12/hr


  • 14911 County Road 317

  • Kirbyville, Texas

The First Step

Thanks for Applying!